I love Android coz I’m A Control Freak!

25 Jan

A colleague today asked why I prefer Android to iPhone, my answer – I want my phone work like a computer, I’d prefer a tool in hand than an interface and Android is providing me with both!

And then the talk morphed into a discussion, as I was describing him my views I thought why not jotting down the points as well. So here, I have clubbed down a couple of points favoring Android, I did li’l bit of research though and picked up some points from here. You are most welcome to re-but or add a few points, it’ll help me further in my understanding 🙂

So here we go,

1) Android gives a customizable home screen – quite similar to computer desktop – which is not the case with iOS. The same person/ colleague was showing me his best iphone apps, trust me, my eyes started wobbling. Thanks to Android, I have a drawer to place my apps in them 🙂

2) Sifting things is done with ‘long press’, a feature used extensively by Android. This feature comes in handy especially when customizing the home screen as well. Read it recently that android might phase out the long press thingamajig.

3) Phone gels up well with Google’s nearly all services be it Mail, Maps, Calendars, Music. Although gtalk works with only one login; the ‘/nomutex’ thingy doesn’t work in here (sigh).

4) Customize, customize and customize.

  • Didn’t like the keyboard, change it! There are ‘tap typing’ apps and the ‘swiping’ keyboard, whatever suits you.
  • Didn’t like the home screen launcher, change it! There are many to choose from.
  • Didn’t like the system app for locking the screen, well, hit the android market, one will find some really awesome apps.

5) Consumer has many options to choose the device to play on with Android unlike Apple’s. There are tonnes of companies making mobi phone gizmos based on Android.

6) Google Maps turn-by-turn voice prompt navigation not too sure how it synchronizes with iOS.

7) Removable battery & expandable memory wondering why iPhones don’t have this feature. Android gets a plus one in here too. This also reminds me of dragging and dropping files onto the SD card from any computer. A simple and of course useful feature, which I thought would have become a default thing but iPhone gives restrictions to it too. It makes uses of iTunes. There are people around who have completely no problems in accessing info through iTunes but I’d prefer having some amount of control, for me it’s a slight pain.  Not too sure if the issue has been fixed by the update iOS or iTunes.

8) Tasker, Android’s most killing feature of phone automation, a complete control over the workings of the entire device and the apps; iPhone lacks it completely.

As a whole, I’m loving the customization and freedom of controlling my device which has bestowed upon me by Android. iOS gives a magical experience but with Android it’s a never ending enchanting journey, depends on the user, which one to go in for 🙂

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