New Windows OS: Can Operate Anywhere On Anything

27 Jan

Microsoft has exploded the stereotypical myth of appearance and operation of its OS and this would stand tall with respect to iOS. Talking about Windows 8 OS, the compatibility on multiple interfaces is the addon that they have targeted for consuming the relative market pie.

Hardware aspect

OS X Lion requires 64-Bit processor for synchronization, which means machines need to have li’l bit high to take the heat. On the other hand, Windows 7 comes as either a 64-Bit or a 32-Bit installation.

The new Windows OS, foundation of Windows Phone interface, will operate through ARM. A processing system used extensively by smart phone and tablet.


Operating through ARM is an effort to make windows portable, as is the case with iPhone. Needless to mention that it can cross the threshold too, I mean, it can be mounted on iPad2 that runs on duel ARM chip.

Future belongs to tablets and touch screens hence the new OS is designed in the similar fashion enabling a relatively quicker processes even on desktops & laptops. By booting systems in just 8 seconds, it cuts an edge with its faster operations and outstripped its predecessor, Windows 7.

Mobility aspect

The new Win OS holds the maxim of operating anywhere on anything, like Intel laptops, AMD desktops, ARM tablets.

Instead of start menu, there is a start screen quite similar to the Windows Phone, facilitating an uncomplicated transfer between desktop and touch-screen tablet.

The new OS X Lion on the other hand has made an evolution progress, taking minor steps than advanced unlike the new Win OS.

UX aspect

When it comes to UI, the new Win OS has retained the standards of keeping their conventional users happy. Talking on the same line the ‘touch’ feature is in very well sync with the device that the traditional & new users hardly find it a trouble to work on it. Microsoft is in such proximity that it might eclipse the OS X Lion.

The knockout

The relative faster operation has completely changed the face of Microsoft. This knockout feature has been instrumental in sealing the gorge between the two giants – Microsoft and Apple.

It’s still evolving, so too early to reach conclusion but one thing is for sure Microsoft is peeing at the horizon by entering into the touch and app markets, a land which was inhabited by Apple only, until now that is.

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