Google Search: Tips & Tricks

10 Feb

Searching on Google with a couple of queries gives an all together different perspective. I guess, there are many in the league but I have been working on some, around 15, and have found them extremely useful.

I am jotting them below, hope it helps you as much as it helped me 🙂




1)      While you want something matching an exact phrase, keywords must go in double quotes. For example, if I’m looking for a job in content writing, then I’ll fill the G search box with “content writing job“.

2)      Now, I want to exclude item like SEO in my job search, so I’ll put it this way: content writing job -SEO. The ‘minus’ sign in my query will eliminate the SEO content writing, hence, making my job hunt more refined.

3)      But what if I want to include another item, let’s say, I am looking for content writing job which shouldn’t be SEO writing but can be a freelance writing project. So, my query to the G search box would go as: content writing job ~freelance

4)      Not only the internet’s db, Google can also be used to search websites even if there is no Google search option provided by the site. freelance blogging is the query that I applied to obtain topics related to freelance blogging in Newyork Times.

5)      Exploring a particular file format can also be done by typing the format’s query. For instance, if I want to dig a pdf or ppt file on social media, I’d type: social media filetype:ppt or social media filetype:pdf in the search box.

6)      G’s search box also understands the literal meaning of ‘OR’,  for example if I am looking for either of the two options that I have, then I may use the ‘OR’ operator. Don’t forget to make it capitalized. content writing OR content editing would be my query this time.

7)      Google also provides with a phonebook feature, yep, like a telephone directory thingy. Just enter the word phonebook along the number you’d like to trace, something like – phonebook: 0844 869 0044 and you’ll get your result.

8)      The search box also works as a simple calc. Try typing this expression: 12.901*12 3.8678 as see the result.

9)      Like calc, it also works like a dictionary, simply type “define:”keyword, like define:paraphernalia

10)   Converter is another variation of the G search, type, 81F in C

11)   One can see the time as well, use query time in city/country in double quotes, as in “time in London

12)   Want to know weather, simply type weather Chelsea, Alabama

13)   Type sunrise Atlanta or sunset Atlanta for knowing the exact time of sunrises and sunsets

14)   Currency converter is another expression, type 70 pounds to dollars and notice how the currency is converted.

15)   Asterisk ‘*’ is used as a wildcard, Google interprets it as a way to give best answer. For example, typing Google * will produce results related to its various products. Another one, “George Washington voted * on the * bill” this query will fetch results on George Washington’s different votes on different bills.

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