Social Media: Channelizing Efforts into Newer Opportunities

06 Mar

Social media has more under its wings than the obvious networking and brand building part. Corporates make use of this new wave to network around clients and customers, which further leads to brand building. LinkedIn started in 2003, it was targeted around professional networking amongst employers & colleagues. However, the career bios on its site attracted potential new hires, which gave the site a choice to work on the paradigm of offering job change to its networkers.

The ‘career bios’ is the asset in LinkedIn which gave a slight direction to its workings amongst the niche but what about others which ain’t that serious site/portal, like Twitter, Facebook, Quora & Econsultancy. As a whole, these sites do not have any strong asset except the fact that they all provide web space for networking. Quite similar to the previous site, these sites are also turning table in favor of job hunters. Greg Meyer’s case would suit well in the current scenario.


He became an active participant in Quora, shedding views/comments on every topic right from cartoon character to consumer complaints. He no-where mentioned that he was looking for job but his involvement helped him in getting known to his new employer.

His continuous involvement – especially related to consumer complaints – was spotted by Assistly, the then customer service platform, consequent upon which, he was hired within weeks. And currently he is employed with team at Salesforce (Assistly was later acquired by

The constructive example shows a new trend – from the perspective of job hunters- that is peeping at the horizon. Thus, might give them a boost to look for the right talent, which of course is different from the conventions of scanning the resumes.

These social networking portals are not beckoning masses to morph into new roles or to project what one is not. Rather it is a medium for expression, it is a bridge that might also helps in connecting with newer opportunities, so why waste it?

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