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Will ‘Artificial Intelligence’ replace ‘Search’ in the coming future?

The beginning of 90s was an era when the geeks thought of giving a new dimension to search, START was born then; and later in 2009, WolframAlpha was introduced. However, this new product too had its limitations with respect to search. It wasn’t able to deliver multi-faceted inquiries. For instance, it could fetch data fort “Theodore Roosevelt” but was unable to decipher result for “Edith Carrow’s husband”.

IBM came up with Watson, a computing system with deep analytic technology that defeated humans – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter – on Jeopardy last year in February.

Does this imply that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will replace ‘Search’ in the coming future?


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Social Media Ends the Era of Cold Calling

ImageSellers are communicators and what else than the prevailing vogue of social media would suit them the best. The growing craze of social media among the consumers would act as a boon for these sellers. People are aggregating on these social sites and are sharing views on nearly all products they have or plan to own.

In order to tap this pie of the market, corporates are coming up with their internal portals and wikis. This has helped the sales rep to keep themselves updated with the trend and/or product issues that their customers feel. Consumers are receiving a real time feedback from the organization, which in turn is giving them a feel good factor.

In a way, the consumers too are becoming a part of production house for these organizations. They are helping the companies in bringing about the required changes in the products that are being offered to them.

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