Will ‘Artificial Intelligence’ replace ‘Search’ in the coming future?

22 Mar

The beginning of 90s was an era when the geeks thought of giving a new dimension to search, START was born then; and later in 2009, WolframAlpha was introduced. However, this new product too had its limitations with respect to search. It wasn’t able to deliver multi-faceted inquiries. For instance, it could fetch data fort “Theodore Roosevelt” but was unable to decipher result for “Edith Carrow’s husband”.

IBM came up with Watson, a computing system with deep analytic technology that defeated humans – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter – on Jeopardy last year in February.

Does this imply that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will replace ‘Search’ in the coming future?


As the name itself suggests, it’s artificial in origin. A machine is a man made tool. It can only compute or decode stuff that is programmed by humans themselves. Till the time technology can’t build/reason itself or brainstorm, humans will eclipse it. So I guess, there is no question of replacing the existing ‘search’ with Artificial Intelligence; skynet is still a far fetch dream.

Nevertheless, the search might get more refined. The UI might get more polished and the developers may come up with ever-improving tools, integrated with fast running algos.

Data would also be much more structured and unified. Tagging would surely find its hay day. With the coming of social media, the companies have stored enormous data with respect to individual identities. I’m sure these companies would come up with ways using the same for constructive and innovative format.
Social media has already created a vast ocean of likeminded people and these huge clusters of same set of minds might morph into a wave of info, which might not be correct. Since, the probability of snowballing effect would be higher in the ocean like social media.

Hence, in such a scenario, the factor of quality control would come into play. Having a reliable source of info is must for concretizing and controlling the actions of masses. In here, semantic technology will come to rescue for fact checking that’ll be anchored in sheer logic.

I’m totally excited what the future holds for search and at the same time, what’s next after Watson!


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