Availability Does Not Mean Productivity: A Pervasive Corporate Problem

07 May

Does remaining available for clients or teams 24×7 gives better productivity? Or does it imply we are slaves to the conditioned reflex?

Getting available round the clock tethers the overall output. Majority believes that using smartphones enhances efficiency but as a matter of fact, it’s the other way round. People who prefer to have a constant touch with clients and/or team overlooks the space that they otherwise must give to their own personal lives.

Acquiring the habit of checking emails regularly at the cost of one’s personal space doesn’t help at all. On the contrary, the person wont be able to give quality time to family. Ain’t that a priority too in life?

Technology that has propelled us to work round the clock. Emerging competition from nearly all professional fields have prompted us to framed a system where we are providing 24×7 support to our customers and teams. Till some extent, we are counting the same as our USP. But is it truly helping in channelizing the efforts for growing?


Lets take a hypothetical case, a customer calls/emails at 12 PM. You have two choices, one, you picks up the call because you feel this would send a good message across client – after all, you are available 24×7, right?
And so you give ‘timely response’ but later you feel you are not sure or you weren’t able to give the required feedback.

On the contrary, if you had waited till the next business day, you would have thought over the huddle and this time the satisfactory response from your side would otherwise have made the customers happy.

This reminds me of an incident in office. Few weeks past, we were having some meeting with the management, we were foretold that the meeting would go for not more than twenty minutes and that it’s urgent.

I noticed that a guy came inside with a bluetooth headset. Phone rings and he picks up the call within seconds and replies “I’m in a meeting. I’ll call you back.” Now if he had to answer this much, why did he receive the call in the first place? Was he actually focused in the meeting?

Availability does not mean productivity

Just because one is present no way co-relates with solving the problem.

Managing a methodical approach towards replying emails and attending phone calls during official hours than ‘first come, first basis’ might help. We need to make a clear distinction what is important and what wont come under the preview of importance. Managing these devices than becoming slaves is the whole point behind the overall growth, which we must not overlook. Same goes for personal space as well. This would definitely boost in managing and of course balancing time in both the spheres.

Unplugging is equally important as financial success in today’s social milieu. There is life both inside as well as outside the self created tech structures. Think about it!

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