Dawn of Bots: Androids with Lifelike Movements

25 May

Human brain knows no limits; it’s one of the quest includes building machines, emulating our own appearance, movement and intelligence. We personify such creations as bots. No doubts Greeks pioneered the spirit of robotics in ancient times but the sails were set during European Renaissance. For example, a mandolin-playing lady (1540) was constructed by Italian inventor Gianello Torriano and  L´crivain, The Writer (1772) was build up by Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jacquet-Droz.

Since then there is no looking back, scientists and philosophers went till the extent of speculating human brain as an elaborate automaton. And this has further led to a completely new field in science called, the artificial intelligence.

Moving on the same lines, I have come up with a list of bots that I feel are ahead of the contemporary times in the field robotics. These bots are specifically designed to make our life simple and study the laws of physics employed in daily lives.

Robot Barber: Yep, you guessed it right. This unconventional barber bot, trims down hair. This bot has three arms, each with multiple sensors including cameras. The Multi-Arm Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MA-UGV) from Intelligent Automaton, Inc. paved way for this machine.



Head Care Robot: An offshoot of Panasonic, this bot rinse hair with shampoo; first, it takes a brief idea of the structure of one’s head with its 24 fingers. Then it releases shampoo jets for rinsing. Once it’s done, it moves on to the next level of conditioning hair and finally blow-dries the hair.




Robot Butler: This bot reminds me of Bicentennial Man, not because the android will live for another two hundred years but because of its ability to and cook dinners in a microwave & clean the mess be it kitchen or the entire household.




Swumanoid: In order to study the mechanics of human movement while swimming, Chung Changhyun and Motomu Nakashima at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, developed this machine. Although it’s a side project but can be considered for testing performance-enhancing swimwear.



Jukusui kun Robot: It acts as a pillow that helps in curing apnea. Sensors attached to the bot identifies when a sleeper is snoring and softly bats on face, consequent upon which, the sleeper tends to change positions.



Pool-playing Robot: Structured in form of a humanoid, with camera mounted in place of head, this bot shoots billiards by analyzing best angle mathematically before taking a shot. Although it’s not perfect yet but it’s better than most non-professional players.



Pooper Scooper Robot: As the name suggest, this bot cleans the unwanted poop in your area. It employs the Perception Of Offensive Products and Sensorized Control Of Object Pickup to run the task. The machine is an offshoot of University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab.




Flying Robots: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has come up with these flying bots. The machines are employed for tasks such as assembling buildings. The accuracy of carrying out the task is such that they hardly crash into each other during the process.



Robot for Interactive Body Assistance: Unlike the movable stretchers for patients in hospitals, Japan has come up with teddy bear bots, which’ll lift patients from the floor, and transfer them to and from beds and wheelchairs.






What ever said and done transcending the ultimate human limitations over mind and bodies will still remain a far fetched dream.


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