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Availability Does Not Mean Productivity: A Pervasive Corporate Problem

Does remaining available for clients or teams 24×7 gives better productivity? Or does it imply we are slaves to the conditioned reflex?

Getting available round the clock tethers the overall output. Majority believes that using smartphones enhances efficiency but as a matter of fact, it’s the other way round. People who prefer to have a constant touch with clients and/or team overlooks the space that they otherwise must give to their own personal lives.

Acquiring the habit of checking emails regularly at the cost of one’s personal space doesn’t help at all. On the contrary, the person wont be able to give quality time to family. Ain’t that a priority too in life?

Technology that has propelled us to work round the clock. Emerging competition from nearly all professional fields have prompted us to framed a system where we are providing 24×7 support to our customers and teams. Till some extent, we are counting the same as our USP. But is it truly helping in channelizing the efforts for growing?


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Facebook Cover photos: The Most Celebrated Feature

Facebook has heightened the visual aspect by introducing timeline, the new profile page design. Keeping it public has further accelerated the effect.

So far it has acclaimed the most celebrated feature mainly coz its fun to play with, at least the following cover pics that I came across on net says the story, scroll down and enjoy 🙂

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Peacock & Capitalism

Peahens’ preference for long tail in their male counterpart has been a boon as well as bane to them, the peacock I mean. The preference has resulted in better and larger tails as breeding would further lead to passing along the trait to the progenies.

Now comes the bane part: The evolutionary process has made the tail heavy and attractive but this flamboyancy has resulted in slowing down their movements and hence an easier prey.

After some amount of time, the population of peacock begins to decline, even as the tails kept getting longer. Result? Slowing down of their population number or what the Evolutionary theorists call, the “biological suicide”.

However, here, I’d like to bring about the theory of evolution, which is ubiquitous and so are the societies across the world. If peacocks have to become obsolete, they will, after all, there is ‘survival of the fittest’. If the Peahens’ cannot adapt, they won’t survive.

Similarly, if financial crisis is the new trend that the economy is paving then will capitalism survive, well, let’s wait & watch.

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