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Value Is About What One Does Than Where One Is: Startups

Its been quite sometime now and people have started realizing the power of startups in the ecosystem of entrepreneurial journey. Yet, most of the startup employees have tendency of hopping into big brands as they look upon the big names for the sake of their professional growth.

I completely agree to the fact that if not more at least 60%-70% startups boasts of providing the real value creation.  At times, their longevity do not surpass even the second round of funding. While  there are still others those who adopt exit strategy by allowing themselves to get acquired by big company.

I have been associated with a startup since more than half of a decade and one thing that I have learned is   ‘value is about what one does than where one is’. There was a time when I was freaking scared of computers leave alone other gizmos but the startup journey in the realm of IT helped me in combating my fears.

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