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Personal Privacy Is Being Hacked By ‘Free’ Service Providers

Is Facebook service ‘free’? How many of us believe that it’s a free service and not paid. Well, have you ever thought we have paid our ‘privacy’ to be able to use it? Even if we customize it to the core, yet facebook knows what one is interested in, the dynamics of behavior, social circle to name a few. For some it’s creepy while there are others for whom it’s cool.

It is not the case with Facebook alone, there are other ‘free’ internet based related services that are ubiquitous now. Services being referred here are, email addresses, social networks, internet-based phone calls including Skype, instant messengers, e-cards, anti-virus programs, newsgroups, online social groups, virtual hard disk space etc. All these ‘free’ services are trying to project a life of convenience and of course phenomenal to an average end user.

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TCP Based On Ants Foraging Activity

Deborah Gordon, a researcher from Stanford has hit the headlines with her latest discovery of co-relation between the behavior of harvester ants and the design of internet.

Ants and the internet, the analogy seems li’l berserk. John Nash, in late 1940’s was working on quite a similar concept where he was trying to derive a game theory from flight of pigeons although it’s a different story that he didn’t get as successful.

As per Gordon route taken by ants to hunt for food is similar to the Internet’s Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

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IPv6: The Next Generation of Internet Protocol

ImageIn order to grow the world wide web, the society of internet paraphernalia is coming out with IPv6. It’s aim is to allow internet to seep in other devices and hence increasing the number of possible addresses. But moving from IPv4 to IPv6 ain’t that easy, plus the main question looms on transition costs and the time taken. After all, the internet is severing  2.5 billion people and 11 billion devices across the world and we are running out of space.

Although, most of the OS does support IPv6 but routers and servers have no provisions of supporting it. Which would further make the connection between the devices nearly impossible.

If we remember, CNN in 2010 did forecast about the limitations of IPv4 and it seems they were correct.

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Wolfram Pioneering Birth of the Data Web

Have ever thought of having .data domain quite equivalent to the .com, .gov and .org domains? If you think it’s an effort not worth trying then you might as well like to know what Wolfram, the Computer scientist has to say about it,

My concept for the .data domain is to use it to create the “data web”—in a sense a parallel construct to the ordinary web, but oriented toward structured data intended for computational use. The notion is that alongside a website like, there’d be

If a human went to, there’d be a structured summary of what data the organization behind it wanted to expose. And if a computational system went there, it’d find just what it needs to ingest the data, and begin computing with it.

Weeding data from sites is not a big deal but it has to be sifted from complex hodgepodge of data files, feeds & database dumps. So ain’t it be good if there happens to be a way through which systems could retrieve data in a prearranged way?

As humans roll back to .com domain on their browsers, at the same time computers can visit the .data domains. It would be parallel to the ordinary web but oriented toward structured data intended for computational use.

Now some would argue that “/datamap.xml” file in root of web domains might solve the problem. But having a .data TLD would give a kick that is required to initiate the wave of ‘data web world’ – making it huge like the present web world – it needs a kind of momentum which is picked up by creating a separate set of .data site.

As a concept, it seems useful but what about the navigation part, I mean how would the spider (search engine) crawl o’er it is the thing that am wondering about.

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