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5 Super Addicting Games for Android Phones

Just few years back ‘smartphones’ were synonym with checking e-mails and managing calendar which means phone was a device mainly used for communication. My phone was doing the same, I mean, attending calls, sending sms, checking emails and managing calendar everything was just fine. But then I decided to have an android phone; why? For the apps 😀 (Did I mention, I ain’t techie as in I can’t code.)

After fidgeting for couple of months, I realized that there are some games which are relatively addictive – at least for me they are. So here I have compiled my top 5 games on android cell phone which are free as well 😀

1) Chess: Happens to be my favorite game and hence, this was the first (game) app I was looking for on my android. It brings about the live experience of military strategy, which was employed during the ancient times. Although the app gives the advantage to switch sides during the match but I’d prefer to keep it latent. And second flaw which I feel is the unlimited undo feature. The game should have allowed only 3 chances to detour or undo as this would have created pressure on the players to exercise the lifeline cautiously.

2) Plumber: A product of Monsters Game. It starts with the water inlet pipe and ends on the overflow pipe. Game is to connect the pipe pieces in such a manner that water flows from inlet pipe till overflow pipe. Movement of water has to be a continuous one. Liberty is that of rotating the pipe pieces and not moving the pipes. Steps become difficult with respect to levels. Overall, an interesting game.

3) Pool Master: It is one of the best cellphone (pool) game or I would call it my pocket pool game. We can play either with the system-based player or with friend. It provides us with both the opportunities. Graphics are good but it’s the ‘physics engine’ that makes it a hit. I personally enjoy the sounds that it makes 😀

4) aTilt 3D Labyrinth: Bait is the tilting effects that can be controlled manually by moving cell phone on either sides, giving the real 3D effects. The angles of making the ball moving are based on sheer physics. As the levels move up, the maze becomes difficult all the more. It’s a good one to check out esp. for those who like maze games like me.

5) Angry Birds: Apple iOS game, first released in Dec 2009 by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. Its availability on android OS has made the game widely acclaimed among people across age groups. It is because of its addictive semblance the game has become the most successful in the mobile app world.

So these are my top 5 collection of android games. I am on a look out for more exciting games and these days I am checking out the racing apps or games that we’d call. Let’s see how far will I reach.

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