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Watson 2.0 To Work On Smartphones & Tablets

Imagine, a farmer standing in the middle of a field holding his mobile in hand and asks question, ‘What must I plant in the field?’ and he gets the appropriate reply via his handset within seconds. Answer that he’d receive would be based on location data, historical trends and scientific studies and not from any human being. This is what the researchers behind Watson 2.0 plan to achieve.

Watson 2.0 is an extension of Watson a computing system with deep analytic technology that defeated humans – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter – on Jeopardy. Oncologists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) for individualized cancer diagnostic and treatment recommendations are using the same computational wizardry. Although, the result of its execution in the field of medicine would actually surface sometime late next year.

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Google Glasses: Streaming of Information Around the Eyeballs

The big G is peeping at the technological horizon again and this time, it’ll come with a big bang, I am referring to its new & innovative product called the Google Glasses.

As per Google employees who are working on the project assert that the glasses would hit the shelves by the end of this year; pricing somewhere around $250 to $600, costing around the price of current smartphones, eh!


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I love Android coz I’m A Control Freak!

A colleague today asked why I prefer Android to iPhone, my answer – I want my phone work like a computer, I’d prefer a tool in hand than an interface and Android is providing me with both!

And then the talk morphed into a discussion, as I was describing him my views I thought why not jotting down the points as well. So here, I have clubbed down a couple of points favoring Android, I did li’l bit of research though and picked up some points from here. You are most welcome to re-but or add a few points, it’ll help me further in my understanding 🙂

So here we go,

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