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New Windows OS: Can Operate Anywhere On Anything

Microsoft has exploded the stereotypical myth of appearance and operation of its OS and this would stand tall with respect to iOS. Talking about Windows 8 OS, the compatibility on multiple interfaces is the addon that they have targeted for consuming the relative market pie.

Hardware aspect

OS X Lion requires 64-Bit processor for synchronization, which means machines need to have li’l bit high to take the heat. On the other hand, Windows 7 comes as either a 64-Bit or a 32-Bit installation.

The new Windows OS, foundation of Windows Phone interface, will operate through ARM. A processing system used extensively by smart phone and tablet.


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I love Android coz I’m A Control Freak!

A colleague today asked why I prefer Android to iPhone, my answer – I want my phone work like a computer, I’d prefer a tool in hand than an interface and Android is providing me with both!

And then the talk morphed into a discussion, as I was describing him my views I thought why not jotting down the points as well. So here, I have clubbed down a couple of points favoring Android, I did li’l bit of research though and picked up some points from here. You are most welcome to re-but or add a few points, it’ll help me further in my understanding 🙂

So here we go,

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Can Droid RAZR Maxx Stand 24 hrs on a Single Charge?

The first cellphone that I ever owned was my all time fav MotoRAZRv3i, I switched onto couple of others too but I still have my old aka first device with me. (sentimental values you see 😀 )

The sleek look was the factor, which propelled me to go for this one but the poor battery life was really a big turn off. Recently while going through the CES products I couldn’t stop meself tracking the new gizmo, they call it the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. This time it’s slightly thicker around 8.99 mm with a battery of 3,300 mAh, which means much more power than the OG RAZR’s 1,780 mAh battery.

Motorola believes that this gadget – RAZR Maxx – can hold for a full day on a single charge. But as per Domanico’s review the device lasts from 6-8 hours under default settings.

Does this mean that it cannot cross the threshold of 24 hrs as asserted by the company? No! At least theoretically, it is possible.


If 1,780 mAh battery in OG RAZR lasts for 16 hrs then 3,300 mAh in RAZR Maxx – which is about 85% bigger – can last for 26 hrs. Plus the time might gets extended if the phone rests on standby mode.

Not too sure whether theoretical and practical would converge anywhere, I mean, we must not forget the basic principle of smart phones, i.e. loading the phone with apps is inversely proportional to battery life.

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Facebook Cover photos: The Most Celebrated Feature

Facebook has heightened the visual aspect by introducing timeline, the new profile page design. Keeping it public has further accelerated the effect.

So far it has acclaimed the most celebrated feature mainly coz its fun to play with, at least the following cover pics that I came across on net says the story, scroll down and enjoy 🙂

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Wolfram Pioneering Birth of the Data Web

Have ever thought of having .data domain quite equivalent to the .com, .gov and .org domains? If you think it’s an effort not worth trying then you might as well like to know what Wolfram, the Computer scientist has to say about it,

My concept for the .data domain is to use it to create the “data web”—in a sense a parallel construct to the ordinary web, but oriented toward structured data intended for computational use. The notion is that alongside a website like, there’d be

If a human went to, there’d be a structured summary of what data the organization behind it wanted to expose. And if a computational system went there, it’d find just what it needs to ingest the data, and begin computing with it.

Weeding data from sites is not a big deal but it has to be sifted from complex hodgepodge of data files, feeds & database dumps. So ain’t it be good if there happens to be a way through which systems could retrieve data in a prearranged way?

As humans roll back to .com domain on their browsers, at the same time computers can visit the .data domains. It would be parallel to the ordinary web but oriented toward structured data intended for computational use.

Now some would argue that “/datamap.xml” file in root of web domains might solve the problem. But having a .data TLD would give a kick that is required to initiate the wave of ‘data web world’ – making it huge like the present web world – it needs a kind of momentum which is picked up by creating a separate set of .data site.

As a concept, it seems useful but what about the navigation part, I mean how would the spider (search engine) crawl o’er it is the thing that am wondering about.

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5 Super Addicting Games for Android Phones

Just few years back ‘smartphones’ were synonym with checking e-mails and managing calendar which means phone was a device mainly used for communication. My phone was doing the same, I mean, attending calls, sending sms, checking emails and managing calendar everything was just fine. But then I decided to have an android phone; why? For the apps 😀 (Did I mention, I ain’t techie as in I can’t code.)

After fidgeting for couple of months, I realized that there are some games which are relatively addictive – at least for me they are. So here I have compiled my top 5 games on android cell phone which are free as well 😀

1) Chess: Happens to be my favorite game and hence, this was the first (game) app I was looking for on my android. It brings about the live experience of military strategy, which was employed during the ancient times. Although the app gives the advantage to switch sides during the match but I’d prefer to keep it latent. And second flaw which I feel is the unlimited undo feature. The game should have allowed only 3 chances to detour or undo as this would have created pressure on the players to exercise the lifeline cautiously.

2) Plumber: A product of Monsters Game. It starts with the water inlet pipe and ends on the overflow pipe. Game is to connect the pipe pieces in such a manner that water flows from inlet pipe till overflow pipe. Movement of water has to be a continuous one. Liberty is that of rotating the pipe pieces and not moving the pipes. Steps become difficult with respect to levels. Overall, an interesting game.

3) Pool Master: It is one of the best cellphone (pool) game or I would call it my pocket pool game. We can play either with the system-based player or with friend. It provides us with both the opportunities. Graphics are good but it’s the ‘physics engine’ that makes it a hit. I personally enjoy the sounds that it makes 😀

4) aTilt 3D Labyrinth: Bait is the tilting effects that can be controlled manually by moving cell phone on either sides, giving the real 3D effects. The angles of making the ball moving are based on sheer physics. As the levels move up, the maze becomes difficult all the more. It’s a good one to check out esp. for those who like maze games like me.

5) Angry Birds: Apple iOS game, first released in Dec 2009 by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. Its availability on android OS has made the game widely acclaimed among people across age groups. It is because of its addictive semblance the game has become the most successful in the mobile app world.

So these are my top 5 collection of android games. I am on a look out for more exciting games and these days I am checking out the racing apps or games that we’d call. Let’s see how far will I reach.

BTW, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Peacock & Capitalism

Peahens’ preference for long tail in their male counterpart has been a boon as well as bane to them, the peacock I mean. The preference has resulted in better and larger tails as breeding would further lead to passing along the trait to the progenies.

Now comes the bane part: The evolutionary process has made the tail heavy and attractive but this flamboyancy has resulted in slowing down their movements and hence an easier prey.

After some amount of time, the population of peacock begins to decline, even as the tails kept getting longer. Result? Slowing down of their population number or what the Evolutionary theorists call, the “biological suicide”.

However, here, I’d like to bring about the theory of evolution, which is ubiquitous and so are the societies across the world. If peacocks have to become obsolete, they will, after all, there is ‘survival of the fittest’. If the Peahens’ cannot adapt, they won’t survive.

Similarly, if financial crisis is the new trend that the economy is paving then will capitalism survive, well, let’s wait & watch.

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