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Google Glasses: Streaming of Information Around the Eyeballs

The big G is peeping at the technological horizon again and this time, it’ll come with a big bang, I am referring to its new & innovative product called the Google Glasses.

As per Google employees who are working on the project assert that the glasses would hit the shelves by the end of this year; pricing somewhere around $250 to $600, costing around the price of current smartphones, eh!


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I love Android coz I’m A Control Freak!

A colleague today asked why I prefer Android to iPhone, my answer – I want my phone work like a computer, I’d prefer a tool in hand than an interface and Android is providing me with both!

And then the talk morphed into a discussion, as I was describing him my views I thought why not jotting down the points as well. So here, I have clubbed down a couple of points favoring Android, I did li’l bit of research though and picked up some points from here. You are most welcome to re-but or add a few points, it’ll help me further in my understanding 🙂

So here we go,

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